Family Law

For more than three decades, I have helped families resolve a broad range of legal matters. In every case, my overriding goal is to put my clients in the best possible position moving forward.

My family practice includes:

I attend to every aspect of your divorce, including property division, alimony, child custody and child support. You can depend on me to work closely with you from the beginning of your divorce to its conclusion.

Child custody
For parents, child custody is perhaps the single biggest area of dispute in divorce. I provide pragmatic, strategic representation aimed at developing a plan that meets you and your child's needs.

Divorce mediation
When spouses are willing to compromise, mediation can be a very effective means of resolving their differences. I have represented many clients in divorce mediation and am also a trained mediator. As such, if you are interested in mediating your divorce, I can help.

Post-judgment matters
Your life will not remain static after your divorce. It is important that the changes in your life are reflected in your divorce order. I help my clients modify their alimony, child custody and child support arrangements. I also take on matters involving parental contributions to a child's college education.

Whenever possible, I believe a lawyer should help his or her clients resolve their issues through negotiation or mediation. Generally, these methods of dispute resolution are less costly and, more importantly, give the parties more control over the outcome. Often times, a case is resolved by a combination of litigation and settlement discussions. Of course, if litigation is the only alternative, I can powerfully advocate for your position

Having successfully represented many clients over my career, I know how to identify the underlying issues and implement sensible solutions.